Gold medals are awarded to the top placing individuals in IPSC sanctioned matches. (See Match Results)

The 2003 President's List of Medal Winners is here.

Please note:
Medals are awarded to Division winners (Open, Standard, Classic, Production, Production Optics, Production Optics Light and Revolver) only when there are at least 10 competitors in the Division Division for Level III matches (20 competitors in the Division for Level IV and higher matches), and to Category winners (Lady, Junior, Super Juniors, Senior, Super Senior) only when there are at least 5 competitors in the Category.


IPSC Region


[FLAG] Brazil (BRA) 96
[FLAG] Germany (GER) 94
[FLAG] Philippines (PHI) 94
[FLAG] Canada (CAN) 55
[FLAG] United States (USA) 47
[FLAG] Czech Republic (CZE) 40
[FLAG] Greece (GRE) 40
[FLAG] Australia (AUS) 38
[FLAG] Argentina (ARG) 33
[FLAG] South Africa (RSA) 25
[FLAG] France (FRA) 24
[FLAG] Venezuela (VEN) 24
[FLAG] Norway (NOR) 16
[FLAG] Great Britain (GBR) 15
[FLAG] Austria (AUT) 14
[FLAG] Finland (FIN) 13
[FLAG] Colombia (COL) 8
[FLAG] Italy (ITA) 8
[FLAG] Russia (RUS) 8
[FLAG] Slovak Republic (SVK) 7
[FLAG] Ecuador (ECU) 6
[FLAG] Guatemala (GUA) 6
[FLAG] Puerto Rico (PUR) 6
[FLAG] Switzerland (SUI) 6
[FLAG] Sweden (SWE) 6
[FLAG] Denmark (DEN) 5
[FLAG] Hong Kong (HKG) 5
[FLAG] Hungary (HUN) 5
[FLAG] Israel (ISR) 5
[FLAG] Indonesia (INA) 4
[FLAG] Papua New Guinea (PNG) 4
[FLAG] Thailand (THA) 4
[FLAG] Uruguay (URU) 4
[FLAG] Chile (CHI) 3
[FLAG] Spain (ESP) 3
[FLAG] Netherlands (NED) 3
[FLAG] Belgium (BEL) 2
[FLAG] Malaysia (MAS) 2
[FLAG] New Zealand (NZL) 2
[FLAG] Paraguay (PAR) 2
[FLAG] Poland (POL) 2
[FLAG] Slovenia (SLO) 2
[FLAG] Sri Lanka (SRI) 2
[FLAG] Aruba (ARU) 1
[FLAG] Monaco (MON) 1

2003 President's List

This honor role shows the individuals who have won three or more gold medals.
Lucimar Oliveira (BRA)8
Rico Papa (PHI)8
Heribert Bettermann (GER)7
Jeufro Lejano (PHI)7
Oliver Damm (GER)7
Petra Tutschke (GER)7
Eric Grauffel (FRA)6
Horacio Cariello (BRA)6
Ricardo Gentile (ARG)6
Rolf Neff (GER)6
Gabrielle Kraushofer (AUT)5
Lyndon Biraogo (PHI)5
Michael Ku (PHI)5
Romero Aguiar (BRA)5
Saul Kirsch (ISR)5
Timo Kosiol (GER)5
Augusto Ribas (BRA)4
Cesar Castro (BRA)4
Christian Wilda (GER)4
Claudio Coelho (BRA)4
Daniel Minaglia (ARG)4
Dimitrios Fessas (GRE)4
Edwin Gotamco (PHI)4
Errol Thomas (AUS)4
George Soulis (GRE)4
Horacio Vina (ARG)4
Ioannis Alexiou (GRE)4
Leo Mangubat (PHI)4
Max Wiegand (GER)4
Mike Auger (CAN)4
Nick Manioudakis (CAN)4
Petr Znamenacek (CZE)4
Robbin Hudson (CAN)4
Steinar Haugli (NOR)4
Adam Tyc (CZE)3
Ales Vondracek (CZE)3
Boy Abu (PHI)3
Carlos Antich Mas (VEN)3
Claudio Annes (BRA)3
Claudio Mano (BRA)3
Colin Amm (RSA)3
Dave Sevigy (USA)3
Demetrius Oliveira (BRA)3
Don Bednorz (USA)3
Estuardo Gomez (GUA)3
Fabricio Gigli (ARG)3
Flavio Chain (BRA)3
Gregory Midgley (SUI)3
Guillermo Jude (URU)3
Heinz Gallenbach (GER)3
Helmut Schröder (GER)3
Hubert Montgomery (RSA)3
Jhonny De Abreu (VEN)3
Joel Gerard (FRA)3
Jorge Baigorria (ARG)3
Jose Lucena (BRA)3
Kostas Stavrakidis (GRE)3
Linda Blowers (AUS)3
Lisa Munson (USA)3
Mario Penso (VEN)3
Mike Burrell (CAN)3
Monica Theodorou (GRE)3
Ralf Jensen (DEN)3
Roberto Hung (VEN)3
Rommel Cabuncal (PHI)3
Simone Jung (GER)3
Stefanos Cheropoulos (GRE)3
Vanessa Duffy (GBR)3

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