Match Results

The results of a registered Level III (or higher) match must be submitted within two weeks after the match. Otherwise the match will be removed automatically from the IPSC Calendar.

Match results may be submitted by one of two methods:

  1. Automatically upload the results via the Internet using WinMSS.
  2. Submit the results manually using this Match Results Form.

Select a match from the list below by clicking on the match name.

Date Level Match
2003-12-21 III Etapa Estadual IPSC - Brasília, Brazil
2003-12-13 III Christmas Rifle Challenge, Norway
2003-12-13 III V Valida Nacional Final, Venezuela
2003-12-13 III Campeonato Nacional De Escopeta, Argentina
2003-12-07 III VII Etapa Do Campeonato Gaúcho, Brazil
2003-12-07 III Rio Open, Brazil
2003-12-07 III Cretan Winter Match, Greece
2003-12-06 III Campeonato Nacional De Fusil, Argentina
2003-12-05 III Thailand National Championship, Thailand
2003-12-04 III PA Jess Dureza Cup, Philippines
2003-11-28 III The Cry Of Sta. Barbara, Philippines
2003-11-23 III Campeonato Argentino De Produccion, Argentina
2003-11-22 III Torneo Nacional, Chile
2003-11-22 III W.A. State Titles, Australia
2003-11-22 III New Zealand National Open Championship, New Zealand
2003-11-22 III Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong
2003-11-22 III Campeonato Argentino De Standard, Argentina
2003-11-15 III 8th Schleswig-Holstein Match, Germany
2003-11-15 III V Campeonato Conesul, Brazil
2003-11-14 III Triangle "Two", Canada
2003-11-09 III PSE Automn Chellenge, Greece
2003-11-07 III Circuito Nivel III, Argentina
2003-11-02 III 9ª Etapa Estadual, Brazil
2003-10-31 III NRW Trophy, Germany
2003-10-25 III IV Etapa Mineiro, Brazil
2003-10-24 III XV Campeonato Brasileiro, Brazil
2003-10-23 III PPSA Standard National, Philippines
2003-10-17 III 3 Gun Match Championship, South Africa
2003-10-17 III 6th PMA Superintendent's Cup, Philippines
2003-10-15 IV Pan American Championship, Ecuador
2003-10-15 III Pan-Am (South American Championship), Ecuador
2003-10-15 III Pan-Am (Columbus Championship), Ecuador
2003-10-13 III Indonesian Open Championship, Indonesia
2003-10-12 III Höppner & Schumann Cup, Germany
2003-10-11 III 5th Czech Extraleague, Czech Republic
2003-10-11 III Moss Indoor Open, Norway
2003-10-05 III VI Etapa Do Campeonato Gaúcho, Brazil
2003-10-03 III 3rd Ironhands Autumn, Germany
2003-09-28 III Fall Classic, Canada
2003-09-28 III Ural Cup For Shotgun, Russia
2003-09-26 III Southern Areas Championship, Great Britain
2003-09-26 III Ural Cup For Handgun, Russia
2003-09-24 IV African Championship, South Africa
2003-09-24 III Sri Lanka Open, Sri Lanka
2003-09-20 III IV Valida Nacional, Venezuela
2003-09-19 III Campeonato Nacional Argentino, Argentina
2003-09-18 III USPSA Open Nationals, United States
2003-09-14 III USPSA Limited Nationals, United States
2003-09-14 III 1st Philippos Cup, Greece
2003-09-13 III South Pacific Championship, Papua New Guinea
2003-09-13 III Copa Chile, Chile
2003-09-06 III New Brunswick Provincial Championship, Canada
2003-09-05 III Dutch Open, Netherlands
2003-09-05 III 4th Hungarian National Handgun Match, Hungary
2003-09-05 III Norwegian Championship, Norway
2003-08-30 III BC Provincial Championship, Canada
2003-08-30 III VI Etapa Do Paulista De IPSC _ Atibaia, Brazil
2003-08-29 III National Standard/Revolver, France
2003-08-29 III Quebec Provincial, Canada
2003-08-26 IV European Shotgun Championship, Italy
2003-08-24 III Etapa 2b Estadual IPSC, Brazil
2003-08-23 III SSG Summer Match, Finland
2003-08-22 III Manitoba Provincials, Canada
2003-08-17 III IV Etapa Do Campeonato Gaúcho, Brazil
2003-08-16 III V Campeonato Norte/Nordeste, Brazil
2003-08-16 III Swedish International, II, Sweden
2003-08-16 III Nova Scotia Provincial Championship, Canada
2003-08-16 III II Valida Campeonato Nacional, Colombia
2003-08-15 III Swedish International, I, Sweden
2003-08-15 III German International, Germany
2003-08-05 III "CZ" Czech Euro Open Extreme, Czech Republic
2003-08-02 III Midland Area Championship (Shotgun), Great Britain
2003-07-30 III Canadian Nationals, Canada
2003-07-26 III III Etapa Mineiro, Brazil
2003-07-26 III Rooster Mountain / Nordic Cup II, Denmark
2003-07-26 III Circuito Nivel III, Argentina
2003-07-25 III Northwestern Luzon Area Championship, Philippines
2003-07-24 III USPSA Area 3 Championship, United States
2003-07-24 III Rooster Mountain / Nordic Cup I, Denmark
2003-07-19 III Mahoe Cup, Austria
2003-07-19 III German Championship Revolver Std/Area 5+7 Regional, Germany
2003-07-19 III Hamina 350 Vuotta, Finland
2003-07-17 III Ontario Provincial / Guelph Invitational, Canada
2003-07-17 III USPSA Area 8 Championship, United States
2003-07-17 III Tinalak Festival Shooting Competition, Philippines
2003-07-15 III III Valida Nacional, Venezuela
2003-07-12 III Ecuador Open, Ecuador
2003-07-12 III Nordic Championships / TNT Match, Finland
2003-07-12 III Campeonato Nacional Standard, Brazil
2003-07-12 III Scottish Championship (Shotgun), Great Britain
2003-07-11 III German Championship Open/Production, Germany
2003-07-11 III 10º Aniversario Club Paraguayo De Tiro Practico, Paraguay
2003-07-05 III Open Integração - Palmas, Brazil
2003-07-05 III Mikkeli Speed Practical XI, Finland
2003-07-04 III V Polish Open, Poland
2003-07-04 III Western Visayas Area Championship, Philippines
2003-07-02 III Factory Gun Nationals, United States
2003-06-28 III 2nd Round S.A.Champships, South Africa
2003-06-28 III USPSA 3-Gun National Championship, United States
2003-06-28 III Alberta Provincials, Canada
2003-06-27 III Czech National Championship, Czech Republic
2003-06-22 III III Etapa Do Campeonato Gaúcho, Brazil
2003-06-21 III Hellenic Nationals, Greece
2003-06-21 III NCR Area Championship, Philippines
2003-06-20 III Ottawa Open, Canada
2003-06-14 III Kongsvinger Open, Norway
2003-06-14 III V Campeonato Centro/Sudeste, Brazil
2003-06-14 III Keuruu Black Metal Match II, Finland
2003-06-13 III Slovak National Championship - Corgon Cup, Slovak Republic
2003-06-13 III German Championship Standard/Modified, Germany
2003-06-13 III Grand Prix National Open/Modified, France
2003-06-13 III 2nd Y.M Tunku Abu Bakar Challenge, Malaysia
2003-06-08 III The Gold Ring Cup - Shotgun, Russia
2003-06-08 III Karditsa Open, Greece
2003-06-07 III Queensland State Championship, Australia
2003-06-06 III Hungarian Handgun Open, Hungary
2003-06-06 III British Open Championship (Shotgun), Great Britain
2003-06-06 III The Gold Ring Cup - Handgun, Russia
2003-06-01 III 5ª Etapa Estadual, Brazil
2003-06-01 III 4th Czech Extraleague, Czech Republic
2003-06-01 III Hellenic Shotgun Open, Greece
2003-05-31 III Tropical Cup, Costa Rica
2003-05-31 III Nordic Rifle Championship, Denmark
2003-05-31 III Segundo Selectivo Pan-Americano, Argentina
2003-05-31 III Norwegian Rifle Championship, Norway
2003-05-30 III 2nd European STI Open, Germany
2003-05-30 III 2nd Hungarian Shotgun Open, Hungary
2003-05-25 III V Open Conesul, Brazil
2003-05-25 III II Etapa Do Campeonato Gaúcho, Brazil
2003-05-24 III Match Qualifiction 3, France
2003-05-24 III II Valida Nacional, Venezuela
2003-05-23 III SKUM Open Cup, Slovenia
2003-05-18 III Battle Of Crete, Greece
2003-05-18 III Russian Nationals - Shotgun, Russia
2003-05-18 III Etapa 1b Estadual IPSC - Brasília, Brazil
2003-05-17 III Internacional De Revolver Standard, Colombia
2003-05-17 III 1º Torneio - Cidade Imperial, Brazil
2003-05-17 III NT State Titles / Arafura Games, Australia
2003-05-17 III 3rd Czech Extraleague, Czech Republic
2003-05-15 III Russian Nationals - Handgun, Russia
2003-05-10 III Home Counties Championship (Shotgun), Great Britain
2003-05-09 III Mosquito Match (10th Anniversary Match), Slovak Republic
2003-05-09 III 2nd Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco Cup, Philippines
2003-05-08 III USPSA Area 1 Championship, United States
2003-05-03 III II Etapa Mineiro, Brazil
2003-05-02 III Euro Mediterranean Cup, France
2003-05-02 III 3 Rd Ironhands, Germany
2003-05-01 III Hon. Mayor Maria Clara L. Lobregat Cup, Philippines
2003-04-30 III Aruba Open, Aruba
2003-04-26 III 2nd Czech Extraleague, Czech Republic
2003-04-25 III PPSA Nationals, Philippines
2003-04-20 III 2nd Spring Cup PSE, Greece
2003-04-19 III 1st Czech Extraleague, Czech Republic
2003-04-18 III Australian National Handgun Championship, Australia
2003-04-13 III I Etapa Do Campeonato Gaúcho, Brazil
2003-04-12 III Münchner Stadtmeisterschaft, Germany
2003-04-12 III V Open Centro/Sudeste, Brazil
2003-04-11 III 2nd Vice Gov. Rogelio 'Boy' Roque's Cup, Philippines
2003-04-11 III Sexta Copa Mercosur, Uruguay
2003-04-05 III Area 2 Regionals, Germany
2003-04-01 III Chief Of Staff, AFP Cup: The Ultimate Shooting, Philippines
2003-03-29 III 4th Int. Helmut Schwaiger Challenge Cup, Austria
2003-03-28 III I Válida Nacional Occidente, Venezuela
2003-03-26 III Columbus Cup, Guatemala
2003-03-23 III Thessaloniki Open, Greece
2003-03-22 III I Etapa Mineiro, Brazil
2003-03-16 III II Gaúcho De Shotgun, Brazil
2003-03-15 III V Open Norte/Nordeste, Brazil
2003-03-15 III 1st Round S.A.Championships, South Africa
2003-03-14 III Mayor's Cup, Philippines
2003-03-09 III 3ª Etapa Estadual, Brazil
2003-03-05 III Afad-Chief PNP Invitational Shotgun Championship, Philippines
2003-03-05 III Afad-Chief PN Invitational Pistol Championship, Philippines
2003-03-01 III Hong Kong Standard/Production Championships, Hong Kong
2003-02-15 III Victorian State Championships, Australia
2003-01-25 III South Australian State Titles, Australia
2003-01-24 III Bicol Area Championship, Philippines
2003-01-18 III Puerto Rico Open, Puerto Rico

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